GadgeTell Review: Lensbaby Spark

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The Lensbaby Spark is pretty much totally fun to play around with if you are into mid to advanced level photography. The Lensbaby Spark is a DSLR lens that focuses in the center, but then blurs at the edges to create an artistic effect. At $80 I was interested in seeing what the Spark could do.

I used it on my Nikon D7000, but it’s also available for Canon cameras. It is simple to use, just replace your normal lens with the Lensbaby Spark, squeeze to focus and tilt to change where focused part of the image is. My favorite and probably best shot is of a vintage FJ and shows how the Spark easily makes a simple photo into art at the push of a button.

I also found that the Lensbaby Spark added new flavor and movement to a stationary stack of bikes, even though numerous previous shots of the same subject matter had been taken in differing lighting conditions, this piece of equipment brought out something uniquely special that really captured the moment.

The center of the images is totally crisp and focused, and you can see how the Spark can really have a sweet impact on the artistic nature and focal point of a shot. Using a little bit of selected blur and changing and redefining the attention of the audience easily makes this a cool little tool. It was almost funny looking back at some other shots that had been taken of the same nature without the Lensbaby Spark.

I think you will love playing around with all the different ways the Lensbaby Spark can be utilized. I think you will also have a lot of fun with some interesting angles and shots, and giving new meaning and movement to objects based on what is focused.

I’d recommend the Lensbaby Spark for anyone who is interested in photography and is looking for a very fun and fairly affordable accessory to quickly and easily influence perceptions of the subject matter to the audience.

If you have paid a few hundred bucks for a good camera and are using it, there is no reason not to accessorize, and you should consider actualizing said thinking with the Spark, unless you are indigent — in which case, you should probably sell your camera. Just kidding, but seriously, if you can afford to buy and are using a decent camera, this is perfect to add value, focus attention, and  enjoy more fully the pictures that are your lasting image left behind.

Personally, I find the Lensbaby Spark enjoyable just for fun new takes on familiar subjects, and also as a nice way to express the differing reality of perception that we all glance past as we make our path through the landscape we call life. It’s sad at times how much distracts us from the background as we blindly stumble ever forward, missing ever the key focal points that add so much beauty.

Learn more about the Lensbaby Spark at the Lensbaby website.


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