GadgeTell Review: SuperTooth Crystal Bluetooth Speaker

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Like its previous incarnations, the SuperTooth Crystal Bluetooth car speakerphone is slim at only 1.93” x 5.12” x  .055“ and extremely easy to use. So when I took on this review I thought it would be a piece-of-cake until my car blew up and I needed to put this test on hold.

While waiting to get the chance to put the SuperTooth Crystal through its paces I thought I’d read the instructions and become acquainted with the functionality, but my husband had other ideas. Needless to say he had it paired with my phone before I had the chance to crack the cover of the limited instructions booklet, basically because it couldn’t be simpler to use, just turn Bluetooth on your device and hold down the power button for eight seconds.

Since my car was out of commission for about a week I had to come up with other ways to proceed with my assignment. So keeping in mind that the SuperTooth Crystal can pair via Bluetooth with two phones at a time, we took it for a spin in my husband’s car and made calls that came through better than I expected, and certainly better than my old Bluetooth earpiece.

My biggest concern was what would happen when we actually got a call in on one of our phones or worse yet, calls on both phones — fortunately there is a call waiting function. During this excursion we did not run into dulling calls, but we did each get calls. We positioned the SuperTooth Crystal over the passenger seat and of course the first call that came in was for my husband, who was driving. We asked the caller how we sounded, and the feedback was that I sounded crystal clear while my husband sounded far off.

My next call was with my friend, Moira, who has a built-in Bluetooth speakerphone in her car and a superior sound system. I have had past conversations with her on my Bluetooth earbud and she has commented that I sounded canned or like I was in a tunnel. I didn’t mention that I was using a new system and asked her how the call sounded; she told me I sounded great and much better than in the past.

Still without a car and wanting work on my review, I took the SuperTooth Crystal speakerphone indoors. I loved it—it worked much better than, again, my Bluetooth earbud, which cracks and loses the connection if I get too far from the phone. Not so with the Crystal. I could leave my cell on the first floor of my home and still get clear reception on the second floor, which I found amazing since according to the specs the SuperTooth Crystal Bluetooth operating range is 10 meters or about 30 feet.

I finally got my car back and wanted to try out the other features of the SuperTooth Crystal Bluetooth speakerphone, which by the way is also incredibly easy to install in your vehicle with its magnetic clip that attaches to the visor for easy access to answering calls, increasing or lowering the volume.

I just popped it in and off I went, making a call to my friend Denise to let her know I was on my way to pick her up. I asked her about the sound quality, and again the connection sounded great on both ends. We were heading to a place I was not familiar with I was so excited to try navigating with the Crystal Bluetooth.

Here’s where I ran in to some trouble. It seems my BlackBerry Curve’s navigation system would not connect to the Crystal Bluetooth… which also meant I could not stream music from my phone either. I was super disappointed so I went out to my local phone store to investigate. According to the rep I talked with the technology may just be old enough that it doesn’t match up with current Bluetooth options. Guess it must be time for an upgrade.

I brought the speaker into the office, where we could play with it more using an iPhone, and music sounded pretty good coming out of the speaker, a little better than the phone speaker. It like it could just hit the right volume for an enclosed space like a car, but at max volume there was some distortion. We could even talk to Siri through the speaker (although as usual, she didn’t understand anything we were asking).

Despite not being able to stream music or navigate while putting the SuperTooth Crystal Bluetooth speakerphone through its paces I’d give it a big thumbs up over an in-ear Bluetooth headset.

You can learn more at the SuperTooth website or buy a SuperTooth Crystal from Amazon by clicking here.

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