New Dropbox API Update Makes Integration Easier for Developers

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Dropbox, the personal cloud based storage provider, has just rolled out a new feature to make the lives of application developers a bit easier. Now both iOS and Android devs can enjoy a new API that allows Dropbox syncing to apps locally, allowing for app-building offline. Dropbox will wait until back online to update the application system.

Also with the new update, developers can easier incorporate Dropbox Sync features into their apps, creating a dedicated cloud storage service for an application.

Interested developers, you can find the API here.

Straight from the release:

Dropbox, built in
The Sync API lets your app work with Dropbox as if it were a local filesystem on the device. We take care of syncing and caching for you so you can work on delivering the best apps and a seamless experience to your users across different devices and platforms.
Write locally, sync globally
You can quickly list the contents of a folder, or move, delete and create files and folders locally and see the results immediately. The Sync API handles caching for you, retrying uploads and downloads, and quickly discovering changes, leaving you with a simple view of files and folders.
Work offline too!
Because the Sync API caches locally, your app works great even without an Internet connection. We’ll sync things up when your app comes online.

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