Check out the Beta for Rabbit, a New Way to Video Chat

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A new kind of social video chat application called Rabbit is in the works, and here’s your chance to try it out before early by signing up for the closed beta.

Rabbit is a sort of amalgam of instant messaging, social networking, and Skype.  The application infuses the principles of massive multiplayer online games (MMOGs) with existing social media frameworks to provide a place where you can meet people, share photos/videos/music, and chat with friends all via live video chat rooms.

Here’s better detail from the Press Release:

Rabbit is the only video chat application that lets you:

— Share any kind of content with friends: Use Rabbit to share and enjoy any kind of content together with your friends in real-time – from videos, movies and TV shows to music, documents and photos. Take advantage of Rabbit’s one-click sharing through our innovative SharePad, a central hub of best-in-class content providers that seamlessly integrate for easy in-app sharing.

— Create rooms: You can create or join rooms (public or private) where you can share experiences with friends, meet new people and discover content together. Invite your closest friends to a group video chat, work on homework together in live study groups or create a fan room to share music videos from your favorite artist or you can even take advantage of Rabbit’s unlimited room capacity to host online events.
— Have multiple conversations: In Rabbit, you can hover over groups to meet new friends OR hover over people to see common interests and engage in a conversation. Rabbit’s advanced audio features let you listen to what’s happening before joining a conversation. You can have multiple conversations in the same room and bounce from one to another just like mingling at a party.
— Invite and notify friends: Rabbit integrates with Facebook so you can easily invite friends to join you with the click of a button. You’ll also get notified any time a friend joins Rabbit or enter rooms,  so you’ll never miss a chance to connect.
— Always be connected: Rabbit is a persistent, always-on application, just like IM, so it’s super easy to connect and share with your friends even when you’re not directly interacting on Rabbit.

Currently Rabbit is only available for Mac OSX 10.7 or higher, but iOS, Windows, and Android versions of the application are planned for the coming months.

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