Microsoft Surface Pro: the Tactful Teasing Continues

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Microsoft appears to be taking its time with the release of new information regarding its Surface Pro and Surface RT. If Microsoft has been intending to re-hook people’s interests in the nick of time, they’re doing a decent job. Reviews of Microsoft’s Surface Pro have been popping up, and the hottest topics have been storage and battery life. The Surface Pro has approximately 23 GB of free space and can push close to 4 hours of use on a single battery charge. Needless to say, Microsoft has drawn some fire for what appears to be gross oversight.

Microsoft Surface ProBut Microsoft hasn’t been keeping quiet. They addressed the battery and storage concerns from Reddit’s community during an AMA session. Microsoft admitted it was a tough choice, but they opted for a smaller battery in order to keep the Surface Pro thin and under 2 pounds. All is not lost, as Microsoft has hinted at future plans for accessories.

“At launch we talked about the ‘accessory spine’ and hinted at future peripherals that can click in and do more,” says a Surface spokesperson. “Those connectors look like can carry more current than the pogo pins, don’t they?”

Seems like Microsoft made deliberate design decisions with the Surface.

So is Microsoft slowly revealing the full potential of the Surface Pro, or are they making up for a device that feels somewhat incomplete in certain aspects? Even though the popularity of external and cloud data storage has been increasing, it doesn’t help users who have lots of programs to install.

Nokia is preparing its own battery cover for its Windows tablet, so it makes sense that Microsoft could follow suit. But will consumers be ready to spend extra for accessories to bring the Surface Pro on par with competing products? It likely depends on if they’re buying the Surface Pro primarily as a tablet, laptop, or combination of the two.



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