Can Google’s Nexus 4 Survive Without 4G LTE?

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Before we start, we are aware there is a modification that you can perform to achieve 4G LTE, but doing so can indeed void your warranty with Google. Also, these following opinions are strictly based on 4G LTE compatible markets like the United States. 

In short, the answer is no. 4G LTE is the new jazz amongst current day smartphones. It allows for speedy connections, in which HSPA+ just does not cut it. With the iPhone 4S, 4G LTE was somewhat popular, but Apple decided to hold off and plop HSPA+ on the device.

Granted, the majority of users could not care as they purchase the product simply for it being the latest and greatest. But for skeptical users, this was a heartbreaking moment. Why couldn’t a company who thrives at being different and innovative put a new type of reception on a device?

Back to Google, they’ve now found themselves in the same scenario. Why couldn’t an innovating company simply put 4G LTE reception on their device? It is beautifully made, rocks a 4.7-inch display, quad-core processor, and so much more. Is it that hard to make a little more room in the phone’s motherboard for bigger chip? Maybe as a journalist with knowledge of what customers want, perhaps I’m expecting too much from a OEM with this much power.

To reiterate, the Nexus 4 will have a hard time floating in such a densely surrounded sea of “much better” options. Take into account here, that all of Samsung’s 2012 devices feature 4G LTE. There are a wide variety of options such as the 4.8-inch Galaxy S III, or the 5.5-inch Galaxy Note II. Maybe Google producing the worlds top sites prefer to not have such a dominating presence  in the field, but why wouldn’t you?

The company has the ruling decision on everything, and if OEMs from China who are trying to compete in the restricted U.S. smartphone market can place 4G LTE on their devices, why can’t Google do this? The device is sweet, and one of my favorites, but 4G LTE feature will ultimately hinder its ability to thrive in this diverse ecosystem.


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  • Captain obvious

    Google decided not put a compatible lte modem because of the fiasco with the verizon galaxy nexus where verizon delayed updates on the device so it was always behind, the hspa version.

    • Captain obvious

      Verizon defeated the purpose of having a nexus device. And that is why they couldn’t “simply put 4G LTE reception on their device”. People get nexus devices because they are always the first to get updates and not have to wait for the carriers to take the update. Obviously you dont know what the customer wants when he/she gets a nexus device

  • Eddie Y

    I got a nexus 4 as a second phone, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see that T-Mobile’s hspa+ has been just as fast as the LTE on my AT&T phone. LTE is faster in downtown Boston, but I get 20mb/s on T-Mobile at home, which is actually faster!

    So, while at first i was worried, now the answer would be no I don’t think it’s that big a deal at all not to have LTE.

  • Hey Stoopid

    LTE Hardware is in the Nexus 4. I cracked the code and currently get LTE speeds on AT&T