Carbon for Twitter Users Force Developer Into Adding Tablet Support

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Carbon for Twitter made its long-awaited debut a few days ago. This third-party Twitter client was considered to be one of the most anticipated apps Android had ever seen. When it was released, the community was unpleasantly surprised to see that it wasn’t compatible with tablets. Carbon was soon hammered with one-star reviews from users demanding tablet support. As a result, developer Dots & Lines decided to open the Carbon gates to tablets along with a little disclaimer.

When you launch Carbon on a tablet, you’ll be greeted with a splash screen that says the app isn’t optimized for tablets yet, but it’ll still run. What we’re getting is a scaled-up version of a smartphone application. Dots & Lines is working on making a separate Carbon app for tablets, but there’s no ETA on that yet. Given the complicated history behind the original Carbon app, you wouldn’t be blamed for not holding your breath until a tablet version is released.

On the plus side, using Carbon on the Nexus 7 isn’t bad. Sure it’s not a tablet UI, but it’s perfectly serviceable. Scrolling is smooth, the animations are fluid and basic Twitter functionality is there. I think this will be good enough to satisfy the tablet crowd for a little while. After all, all they really wanted was to try the legendary Twitter app they heard so much about.

Google Play Link [Carbon for Twitter]

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