Trecking Into Darkness with the New Star Trek Movie App

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In anticipation for the upcoming movie Star Trek Into Darkness, Paramount Digital Entertainment has released a fun little scavenger-hunt app to cultivate interest amongst Star Trek’s arguably most important demographic:  gadget-wielding ubernerds like myself.

The app offers unlockable content as well awards points towards a “rank” in Starfleet for the completion of tasks related to movie’s promotion.  For example, my first mission was to scan the audio from the movie’s teaser trailer, for which I was awarded 20 points and the “unlocked” version of the trailer I just scanned.

Another set of missions had me scanning movie stills featured in Empire magazine, which I easily found via Google image search.  For this, I won more points (do these even matter?) and unlocked high-res versions of the images. Big whoop!

Other missions included entering a daily sweepstakes to win tickets to the premier (earned me all of 1 point) and visiting the future sight of the Starfleet Academy in San Francisco (I live in Philly, so this ain’t happening.)  Whether these ranks mean anything is unclear, but I suspect not.

There’s also a menu option for movie-related news and purchasing tickets, which conveniently lists pricing for nearby theaters and all.

I have to say, for a promotional app the scavenger-hunt deal isn’t a bad idea.  It certainly got me thinking about the new movie plenty.  As well, the interface is slick and the scanning technology pretty forgiving (i.e. grainy images from Google made the cut).  The incentives left something to be desired, but perhaps they’ll be adding cooler content as the movie nears release.  If a little more effort was put into the content, like behind-the-scenes images and exclusive interviews, I could see interactive promotional material like this really connecting with people.

The app is available for both iPhone and Android.  Check out Star Trek Into Darkness here.

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