Triposo is Your Free, Pocket-Sized, Personalized Travel Guide

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Personally, I don’t travel as much as I’d like to. I’ve been to some places around the country, some outside — but regardless, when I’m in a new place for the first time, I generally try to have the least touristy experience possible.

I’ll take the back alley bars over the city’s most celebrated cocktail lounge or the street vendor pushing spicy corn over the Zagat-rated whatever-kind of fancy eatery; you’ll find me in the bath houses before the day spas — basically, I go where locals go.

If you can relate, keep reading.

I hardly ever reference travel books, as I’ve found them to be written for what seems like everyone but me. But a new travel app, Triposo sets out to be something of an ‘anti-tourist’ traveler’s guide. (Finally some help we can use!)

Created by travelers, for travelers, it already features detailed maps for around 15,000 destinations in their database with 400,00 points of interest, representing every country in the world.

The app is open-sourced and user-submitted, like Wikipedia. This means that the app is increasingly updated from people who have traveled to or have lived/currently live in the specific city; proving to be a key factor in what separates Triposo from your antiquated travel logs.

Don’t get me wrong, though — Triposo provides all of the tourist attractions in a certain place as well. You’ll learn about popular monuments, buildings, natural marvels and other famous sights that you should see in the short time in that unfamiliar city. So if you’re traveling with a more conventional sightseer-type, the app will amend both of your trip desires.

But Triposo features insider information, with emphasis on your location, time, personal preferences and weather. It’ll provide opportunities, including invitations to events that may interest you, top-rated food in the area — it will even book hotels for you within a price limit.

Sync your trip itinerary to Triposo and the app will provide reminders as well as suggestions for similar sights to check out. It pulls events from Facebook and other sources to provide you personal, fun excursions that could end up being some of your favorite experiences of your trip.

“At Triposo, we are passionate about travel. Everyone on the founding team has traveled to at least 50 countries and we know first-hand what it is like to visit a foreign city where you don’t speak the language,” said Douwe Osinga, CEO and Cofounder of Triposo and former lead engineer at Google. “We built this guide to help people discover the unexpected and bring adventure and serendipity to even the most calculated travelers.”

The app is available for free from the iOS App Store (iPad here)and the Google Play store. What’s extra cool is that each city is a unique download, so rather than downloading a central database, you get one city at a time. This makes offline-access to the information possible and when you depart, ditch the app to make room on your device for your next trip!

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