iTwin Connect, the Personal VPN for Privacy When Traveling

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The company that made the iTwin Remote File Access and iTwin SecureBox is happy to announce the availability of the iTwin Connect. The iTwin Connect lets users make the public Internet private. One half of the iTwin plugs into a trusted personal or office computer. The other half stays with you until you want to have a secure internet connection, like with public WiFi hotspots or hotel networks.

Plug the second half into your laptop-on-the-go; using the “Teleport Me” feature encrypts all of your data and routes it through the host server of your choice. You can browse safely without having to worry about attacks or monitoring, even by deep packet inspection technologies.

iTwin ConnectThe iTwin Connect is a personal, zero-configuration bi-directional VPN solution. Since it’s bi-directional, you can access your home computer and network resources from work and vice-versa. Unlike most common corporate VPNs, iTwin provides both partial and full tunneling options.

You can access geographically restricted sites and services such as Hulu or Amazon Prime when you’re traveling outside the US and access popular social media sites like Facebook in countries where they are blocked. The iTwin features hardware grade security with two-factor authentication, and best of all there are no monthly subscription fees.

The iTwin Connect is available at and for $129.



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  • Jon Martin

    Wow iTwin Launch Latest Technology about your data sharing or Network Access Personal, zero-configuration VPN for full bi-directional network access. No Monthly Fees Enjoy unlimited usage with one time cost. No monthly subscription fees. Military Grade Security Rest easy with hardware-grade security and two-factor authentication. Remote Desktop Launch Windows Remote Desktop with a single click to access applications (and their data) on the home/office PC.We have get really latest technology of VPN.