Rumor: Apple iPhone 5S and 5-Inch iPhone 6 To Both Come This Year?

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Talk about far-fetched rumors. We’ve had our share of those recently concerning Apple’s upcoming iPhone(s), but the latest comes from one of the most unreliable sources ever. A Chinese Sina Tech user that says a “friend” has spotted two next-gen iPhones at an Apple supplier in the country.

That’s like me saying that my former college roommate’s girlfriend has an uncle whose best friend’s sister cut Tim Cook’s hair and overheard a phone conversation between him and some of his engineers about the iPhone 5S and 6.

And yet we can’t just ignore the rumor, even if the source is shady at best. Because hey, we’ve heard crazier stories revealed by more obscure sources before, right?

So, what exactly did Old Yao’s “friend” allegedly see? Apparently two iPhone models, one that supposedly resembled the iPhone 5 (aka the 5S) and a wider, longer and thinner new device (aka the iPhone 6). If all that proves to be legit, Apple might be looking to intro more than a new iPhone during 2013. And maybe even three.

We’re not sure if the “longer” iPhone spotted in China is the same as the 4.8-inch “Math” mentioned in a previous rumor, but if it is the screen size has reportedly been bumped to 5 full inches. A lot of “ifs” at the moment, but hopefully we’ll find out something with more substance soon. Stay in touch.

Via [Cnet]

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