Leaked: Photos Taken With Samsung Galaxy S IV

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Another day, another intriguing leak from SamMobile — Friday’s offering is a small gallery of alleged Galaxy S IV-snapped images, plus one from an unknown Samsung device. The handful includes photos that are believed to be sourced from two different S IV variants (AT&T and Korean versions)

The blog explains that when looking at the photos’ metadata, you see the model number as SGH-I337, a.k.a. the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S IV and the SHV-E300S or the Korean Galaxy S IV. Also in the EXIF information, these pics were not taken at the device’s maximum resolution. Images taken with the Korean model were uploaded on Thursday, while the AT&T snaps were uploaded on Friday morning.

Notice in the the photos, one includes a Samsung calendar on a desk and in another, a Korean computer keyboard. It’s not that furthest stretch but definitely a point worth considering — could these have leaked straight from the source?


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