Is an iPad Pro Written in Apple’s Cards?

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CNET has a fascinating article about the possibility of an iPad Pro. No, it’s not a rumor piece, but an interesting look at how we use laptops vs. tablets and how Apple could potentially design a tablet device to completely replace the laptop.

The author had an observation about iPads and what they don’t do well, namely multi-tasking and working with multiple windows. Those are exactly the tasks I use my desktop for,instead of my iPad. But if I could do the same tasks on my iPad? I’d love that.

Today, I need to organize my tasks into “iPad” and “Computer” tasks. It sucks when I’m away from the office for most of the day and most of the tasks on my list fall into the “Computer” category. Those turn into very long days. But if my “Computer” tasks could be done on a tablet, while I’m on the go? I’d buy that device in an instant, but only if it has good battery life (Sorry, Surface. 4 hours really doesn’t cut it.), storage and portability.

How about you? Want laptop features like true multi-tasking on a tablet? Want it in an iOS-type device? I sure do!

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