Samsung Galaxy S2’s Jelly Bean Update Circle Finally Closing

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We’re unsure how familiar you are with the ins and outs of the Android universe, but you probably know software updates usually take a lot of time to be completed. You can live in Korea, own a specific version of the Galaxy S2 and have 4.1 Jelly Bean on your device for months, while someone in the US with a different S2 model might still be stuck on 4.0 ICS.

We didn’t mention S2’s name randomly, because it appears Samsung is about to wrap the JB bump for its former flagship. For good. The GT-I9100 model got the upgrade a couple of weeks ago, the SHW-M250L only a few days back and now 4.1 is rolling out to the GT-I9100G.

This last particular model might not be the most popular of the bunch, but it has sold in decent numbers across Asia and Europe as far as we know. Plenty of folks should hence be over the moon upon hearing this report, especially that today’s over-the-air upgrade comes with a lot of goodies. You’ll get a revamped UX dubbed Nature, new features like Smart Stay or Direct Call, Google Now and all the performance enhancements of “Project Butter.” Groovy!

Via [Android Authority]

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