Tweetification Brings Push Notifications to Third-Party Android Twitter Apps

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Push notifications in Android Twitter apps is one of the most sought after features users ask for. Unfortunately, Twitter isn’t allowing third-party apps to have real push notifications. Developers have to rely on things such as poll notifications which aren’t very good for battery life. That’s where Tweetification comes in. Tweetification creates the equivalent to push notifications by taking advantage of Twitter’s SMS messaging system. Even though this app was released months ago, it still doesn’t have as many users as it should. It only has between 1,000 and 5,000 installs from Google Play.

Tweetification uses a simple, yet ingenious way of getting around Twitter’s push notification restriction. It works by tapping in to your phone’s SMS permissions. I know that seems suspicious, but that’s the only way this app will work. If you’re still on the fence about this, the app’s code has been open sourced. Rest assured if there’s any funny business going on, someone will find out.

What Tweetification does is intercept the SMS that Twitter sends and converts it into a notification. You can set up which Twitter app opens when you touch on the notification. This is great for apps such as Carbon which certainly benefits from this revelation. It’s also free, so that’s another big plus for users. Go ahead and give it a shot.

Google Play Link [Tweetification]

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  • Juli Monroe

    Really? You mean my Hootsuite for Android isn’t giving me push notifications? It acts like it does. Maybe that’s part of why battery life on my Nexus 7 hasn’t been everything I’d hoped it would be.