Reports Show Samsung Still Dominating Android Market

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Unsurprisingly, Samsung is the leader in the Android phone market right now, accounting for 47% market share.  As the handy graph (provided by the people at Localytics) above shows, the Galaxy SIII took the lead while the Kindle Fire and DROID RAZR were the only non-Samsung phones to break into the top ten.  Samsung has dominated the market for the past two months, holding 47% of the market in December and 48% In November.

Interestingly, Samsung’s android dominance has not equated to tablet dominance. Logalytics adds further analysis:

despite their overall Android dominance, Samsung does not hold the number one spot for Android tablets; that honor goes to the Amazon Kindle Fire, which accounts for 37% of all Android tablets, the vast majority being US-based. After December’s huge growth in Android tablets, the Fire’s successes may show why Samsung’s share of total Android devices is holding rather than growing.

via [Logalytics]

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