Dudes, Get a Clue This V-Day With UrGiftIn: The Wish-List App for Grown-Ups

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As a kid, my grandmother worked for Santa Claus. It was amazing. My cousins, brother and I would write a list of toys and such that we had hoped to see under our Christmas trees that year. Although not all wishes reached fruition, it was nice knowing that we had an insider in the family who was bringing ‘the goods’ straight to the source. That was my last experience with ‘wish-lists.’

A new app available for iOS, UrGiftIn, brings that sentiment to the adult world (– not that adult world, I’m talking ‘big kids’ like us.) Basically, it functions somewhat like a wedding registry but it’s not limited to only special events.

Create a list of products that you hope friends will gift you via Amazon’s Wish List and the app will automatically import it to your account. Invite your friends to view your list and vice versa. Simple as that.

You can make lists especially for celebrated events like your birthday, wedding, you and your partner’s anniversary (or Valentine’s Day,) for example. The biggest bonus: UrGiftIn is possibly the best method around to prevent the purchasing or receiving of unwanted presents. So long, re-gifted items.

One smart feature the app offers is ‘group gifting,’ allowing multiple friends to chip in together to purchase bigger ticket items. So go ahead, put that iPad on your list — that’s what friends are for.

Check out the free app in Apple’s App Store.

Fellas, this app takes the daunting apprehension out of finding that perfect gift for your lover. The only challenge left is craftily getting that special someone to activate their UrGiftIn account and hope that they don’t figure out that you needed some help. (As a safety measure, might I suggest persuading their friend to show them the app?)

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