Alleged Apple iPhone 5S Images Leak, But They’re Probably Fake

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Although at first we weren’t too keen in giving credence to rumors about several iPhones being released this year, we’re starting to think there’s some truth behind those claims. After hearing from a Chinese source about the iPhone 5S and 6 before the weekend, we’re kicking the new week into gear with another story from China.

And this time we even have pics “confirming” the prepping of a 5S for the first half of 2013. A lot of pics, actually. All supposedly taken in a Foxconn factory.

The thing is, while they may look like the real deal, the photos are most likely fake. Well, not fake in the photoshopped kind of way, but fake as in not being from an assembly line in a legit Apple factory. Instead, we’re guessing the shots show one of the many iPhone clones being manufactured as we speak in China.

Case closed… or is it? It’s not 100%, because we can’t deny there is an outside chance this is actually the iPhone 5S. In which case the launch might be right around the corner. As for the design, we can’t say the gadget pictured looks very different compared with the iPhone 5, although it is said to be a tad thicker and taller.

Via [GSM Arena]

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