Sony Xperia Z Available in Japan, Coming Soon Across Asia and Europe

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Although you can’t say last month’s CES was packed with high-end gadget launches, there were a couple of head turners in Las Vegas. Sony’s Xperia Z was the most attractive of them all, given its state-of-the-art Full HD panel, uber-snappy quad-core chipset and distinct waterproof capabilities.

Still, we couldn’t fully enjoy Z’s launch because it was obvious Sony was going to take its sweet time before making the 5-incher available to the masses. But now it’s finally time to get this show on the road!

The flagship phone has hit the ground running in Japan, where it’s up for grabs in black, white and purple via NTT DoCoMo. The carrier offers the device both subsidized, with various plans and upfront fees, and SIM-free, for JPY 80,430 ($856).

Word has it the Xperia Z is still awfully hard to procure, with NTT DoCoMo struggling to fulfill pre-orders placed in the past couple of weeks. Meanwhile, the handheld is not available anywhere else across the Globe, but it should start selling in other Asian countries, as well as Europe, by the end of February.

Unfortunately, US mobile tech lovers might have to wait a while longer (probably until mid-March), while in Canada the Z is yet to get an official ETA.

Via [Xperia Blog]

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  • Jay Ar Claveria

    Honestly I was so excited to have an Xperia Z, but until now, I still dont hear any news if it is coming here in Canada. Most of the web pages on line saying that it will probably coming this March 2013, but still no assurance if the Xperia Z will be release here in Canada. Hoping and Wishing that this amazing Phone will arrive here soon. I reall want to have this one.


      I was assured by sonymobile that the Z will launch in canada as well as the ZL a little later this year.