128 GB Microsoft Surface Pro Sold Out in A Matter of Hours In The US

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Who said Microsoft’s Surface tablets have failure written all over them? Well, pretty much everybody, including tech “experts”, media “analysts” and regular users. But guess what, the 128 GB version of the Surface Pro sold out in just a few hours after its official selling start.

Wait, what? The $1,000 Surface Pro that everybody called obscenely priced? The tablet that was unveiled in June 2012 and that became available more than half a year later? The one and only.

But how is that even possible? Well, there are two scratch that, three likely explanations. One, people simply underestimated Surface Pro’s potential. Two, Microsoft had very few units in stock in order to make us think we underestimated the 10.6-incher. And three, users got so worried about the 64 GB version’s limited storage that they opted for the next best thing.

We’d probably put our money on door number two if we had to choose, but who knows, maybe the Surface Pro is more popular than we predicted. In any case, the 128 GB tablet is out of stock at Microsoft’s US online and offline stores, as well as at Best Buy and Staples. In Canada, the model is still available, but it’s probably only a matter of time until that changes.

Via [Engadget]

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