Belkin Will Let You Build an iPhone Case from LEGO Bricks

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Belkin, a company that creates all kinds of consumer electronics and accessories, has partnered with The LEGO Group for a new range of cases for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Starting this spring, you’ll be able to purchase cases that are made from LEGO bricks. These bricks will behave like normal LEGO pieces, so you’ll also be able to customize the cases based on your own creativity.

Belkin hasn’t released any images of its new LEGO cases yet. The company’s Twitter and Facebook pages have yet to acknowledge the partnership. It’s a bit odd that Belkin wouldn’t be shouting this news from the rooftops given the immense popularity the LEGO brand is enjoying right now. They aren’t considered to only be kid’s toys anymore. There are many sophisticated LEGO models for sale that can be quite challenging for adults as well. The brand has also seen great success in the video game industry as well.

Although there aren’t any official LEGO iPhone cases available, there are third-party options available. A quick Google search for LEGO iPhone cases will bring up a variety of brick cases. Brick cases are compatible with LEGO bricks.

If you don’t have an iPod Touch or iPhone, you’ll still be able to pick up one of these official cases eventually. Belkin hasn’t specifically noted if it’ll offer cases for the Android platform, but that’s the next obvious assumption.

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