These Bungee Stickers Will Help Your Lost Things Get Found

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If you’ve never lost anything important to you, you’re a liar. Losing a valuable hurts, we all know this. And with all the modern technology and capabilities placed right in our hands these days, we’re long overdue for a solid solution in preventing these unfortunate experiences, aren’t we?

New York startup Bungee is here to save the day. Their new Virtual Lost+Found service is an innovative and simple way to retrieve your most important can’t-lose items (that you’ve lost.)

Perfect for pocket-sized items (though not exclusive to, of course,) users ‘tag’ their stuff with Bungee stickers, which feature a message such as “If found text A1000 to: 77007″ and the Bungee company website. This lets finders know how to return the found item by text-messaging the ‘loser.’ (No offense, that’s what they are.)

Learn more:

Bungee: Virtual Lost+Found from Bungee Virtual Lost+Found on Vimeo.

The technology enables a real-time text conversation through the company’s network, between the owner and the finder so that a meeting to return the goods can be safely and anonymously arranged. Users can also use anonymous e-mails to set-up a meeting time and place.

“The easier and faster it is to do the right thing, the more likely it is that the person will take action,” says a press release from Bungee. “It is simplicity, speed and direct live conversation which makes Bungee different and innovative.”

That is a good point. I do feel that people are more inclined to help others out — as long as it is as least of an inconvenience on them as possible. I mean, take humanitarian causes like disaster relief for example. Aren’t people quicker to donate money to a group of people who need it rather than get out the location and physically help out?

If you believe in this product as much as we do, support Bungee’s indiegogo campaign and help launch this revolutionary anti-loss gadget.

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