Glass Smartphones to Arrive this Year

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Transparent smartphone

Sam Yu, an executive from Taiwan-based firm Polytron Technologies (a subsidary of Polytronix), is confident that consumers will see partially-transparent smartphones later this year. Unlike traditional smartphones, Polytron is looking to have handset makers use a special glass that contains nearly invisible electrical wiring, which results in a transparent effect.

While Polytron has focused mainly on designing glass for construction projects in the past, Yu feels that this technology can also be applied to electronics. In addition to the phone, he also showed off a transparent USB memory stick and a speaker system that is embedded into a thin piece of glass.

The majority of the device has a transparent look with the exception of the battery, camera, and memory card.  Yu stated that all handset makers are looking to do business with Polytron on the project. Pricing estimates have not yet been confirmed.


[Via Tech Hive]

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