Atlanta Travelers Really Love Foursquare

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The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has one more claim to fame. In addition to being one of the most visited airports on Earth, the airport has also entered Foursquare’s history books as being the first location to receive over 1 million check-ins. 

In case you’ve never heard of it, Foursquare is a location-based social network. Users can use Foursquare’s mobile apps to check-in to locations and share those locations with friends. Frequent users of the app also earn bragging rights in the form of badges and titles that flaunt their status in a particular location.

Foursquare users can also attach comments and advice to their check-ins as well. According to Foursquare’s blog post, more than 2,000 tips have been provided by users such as where to eat and where to find an elusive power outlet. I’m sure these tips have served many travelers well as they passed through the airport.

It’s not too surprising that an airport would achieve this particular Foursquare title. In addition to being naturally busy places, airports also leave travelers with a lot of downtime. Many travelers need something to do to fight off boredom in between flights, and/or just love letting other people know they’re moments away from boarding an airplane. Should they choose to post their Foursquare check-ins on another social network such as Facebook, they’re almost guaranteed a comment or two from friends. Any service that provides positive feedback like that is bound to be used frequently.

Source [Foursquare]

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