Study Shows Android Devices Taking Top 4 Spots in User Satisfaction, iPhone 5 Trailing

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Good news for Google from the front-line of the smartphone wars:  On Device Research has just released a study which reports US users of four Android-powered devices showing higher satisfaction with their devices than iPhone 5 users.

Motorola Atrix HD topped the list, with the Droid Razr M, HTC Rezound 4G and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 trailing in second, third, and fourth place respectively.  Apple’s iPhone 5, priced several hundred dollars higher than the Atrix HD, took fifth.  This wasn’t the case in the UK, however, where iPhone took second place next to front-runner HTC One X.

The study suggests this is an effect of 4G:  all of the top slots are 4G phones, and as the UK only has one 4G provider it stands to reason Apple’s competition is less severe there.  On Device Research’s Sarah Quinn concludes:

“As 4G opens up to more UK cities in 2013, it will provide opportunities for both mobile network operators and handset manufacturers, to increase user satisfaction and device usage.”

via [PR Newswire]

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