The Swish Phone Calls Loved Ones in Half a Matchbox Size

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With all of the latest smartphones and tablets getting bigger, slimmer, and fancier, it’s fun to come across a device that bucks the current trend in a smart way. The Swish Mini Phone does just that. Claimed as the smallest phone in the world, the Swish is approximately 1 1/2 inches by 1 inch and 1/4 inches thick. This teeny thing is small and light enough to be worn around a neck with a lanyard, which is kind of the point.

The Swish Mini PhoneThe Swish Phone is designed by an Irish company who wanted an easy no-frills phone for children and the elderly. It has only 4 buttons: two for speed dial, one for SOS Panic, and one to hang up. The speed dial numbers are programmed to contact a friend or a loved one in need.

The Swish automatically activates the loud speaker for hands-free communication for both outgoing and incoming calls. Pressing the SOS Panic button will have the phone continuously call and text all numbers for help along with the GSM base station information. Since the phone uses the GSM network, it can work anywhere worldwide.

The talk time is 90 minutes and the standby time is 72 hours. There is no contract or monthly billing, and the SIM card and setup is free. The phone itself might seem rather pricey, but it’s the peace of mind that counts. That, and the fact that this, currently, is likely the closest you’ll get to owning a Derek Zoolander phone. Visit for more information.



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