The Cubify Cube is Compact and Feature-Filled

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I might be speaking for many when I say I’m simply not impressed or excited about paper printers anymore. They are, of course, essential for businesses and office work. And, yes, they’re convenient for home projects or educational purposes too. Maybe the popularity of cloud storage and digital sharing make paper-printing seem.. dull. Thank goodness we have 3D printers now and as both prices and sizes drop we can see more and more homes afford such little beauties.

Cube 3D PrinterCubify has the Cube 3D printer which looks like it’s made to fit in your home. The footprint is only 10 inches square yet it’s packed with features. The Cube has built-in wireless, so you can ditch the cables and put the printer where it looks the best.

Voted as MAKE magazine’s “easiest to use” and “most reliable” 3D printer, the Cube may currently be the only printer certified for safe at-home use by adults and children. It is plug and play, so you can get started immediately after the simple setup. The easy-to-use software that preps your files for printing works on both PC and Mac. The Cube 3D printer comes with 25 3D files to print from, but you can browse the Cubify shop or get more files online.

The trade-off for owning this compact printer is that your creations will be limited to a maximum of 5 1/2 inches for length, width, and height. But you get to choose your Cube’s body color from silver, white, magenta, blue, or green. The Cube works with color cartridges for a total of 16 different colors, and two of them glow in the dark! It prints in ABS, which is recyclable, and PLA, which is compostable, making the Cube one of the more environmentally-friendly 3D printers available.

The Cube MSRP is $1299, which puts it the cost comparable to a quality Ultrabook. Visit for more information about the Cube and materials pricing.

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