Nokia Asha 310 Official With Dual-SIM Capabilities and Wi-Fi Connectivity

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It’s a known fact that Nokia is on the verge of bankruptcy, following a couple of very miserable years from a financial standpoint. It’s probably also not a secret that the Finnish are yet to abandon the fight.

As for how they’re planning to get back in the game, you can say there are two different battles carried out by Nokia. The first is in the top-end smartphone sector, where the greatest “enemies” are Apple and Samsung.

The second is at the feature phone/smartphone border, where the Asha line is shaping up to be quite the important player. And now there’s a new member of the family in town, dubbed Asha 310, that looks like a winner.

The 310, unlike all its brothers and sisters, comes with the two most sought after features in entry-level phones : dual-SIM and Wi-Fi. The rest of the specs are mostly mediocre, including the 3-inch 400 x 240 pix res panel, the 64 MB of RAM or the 2 MP camera, but all that’s going to be forgotten once you hear about the price tag.

Ready? Nokia is planning to make the Asha 310 available in Asia, India, Africa and Brazil “in Q1 2013” for around $100 unlocked. Does that sound like a winner or what?

Via [Nokia Conversations]

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