The WD TV Play Takes on Roku for $69.99

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Western Digital just introduced a new media streaming box called the WD TV Play. The WD TV Play is being sold directly from Western Digital for $69.99. For that price, you’ll get a small black box that can can access online video applications and stream content back to you in 1080p HD. The alternative product, the Roku 2 XD, retails for $10 more.

Content is king with a product like the WD TV Play. The most important feature of this device are the video apps it supports. It currently supports Netflix, Hulu Plus, Facebook, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, VUDU, SlingPlayer, Flixster, Vimeo and more. Casual video games can be found as well. Unfortunately video content from Amazon Instant Video, Vongo and Movielink are not supported. If you don’t use those services in the first place, the WD TV Play could be for you.

Let’s go over some specifications. The WD TV Play includes built-in Wi-Fi and ports for Ethernet, HDMI, USB and optical audio. Should you choose to view your own content, it’ll be able to play back almost any file you can throw at it. There are bound to be some exceptions though.

The WD TV Play can be controlled with either the included remote, or through the iOS and Android applications.

Source [Western Digital]

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  • DK

    I’m new to this type of gadget, so here’s my question (sorry if the answer is obvious to others):
    If I have a video file on my PC, can I stream it to the WD TV PLAY device (and on to a TV) via my secured home wireless system?
    And, does the USB 2.0 option mean I can put files (like home video avi or slideshow jpg) on a flashdrive and play them directly through the WD TV PLAY?
    Thanks, in advance.