Facebook Adds ‘Buy Tickets’ Option to Events Pages

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We noticed this morning on Facebook a new button previously unavailable. When viewing pages for certain events (legitimate events with ticket sales, not your buddy’s DIY basement gig,) there is a ‘Buy Tickets’ option, redirecting you to the venue’s box office when clicked.

The new feature has been spotted in two places. Firstly, on the event page right below the date and time information and secondly in your ‘Events Invites’ list. Refer to the screen shots below to get a better idea.

Although this functionality is not too substantial, as most small steps in our modern tech world, it could lead to something bigger. One obvious question that arises from all this is “Is Facebook profiting from this service?” If so, how much of a cut are they getting? Is the big blue giant looking to enter the ticket-sales market?

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