It’s Written in the Stars: Find Your Celestial Flirt with Moonit Dating App

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“Hey babe, what’s your sign?” asked the smooth operator to the attractive bartender serving the two of us as I write this article. Well, that’s not exactly verbatim what he said. But that approach may have better suited this guy’s mission — especially since there is real substance behind the classic, yet awful pick-up line.

It’s in the stars, literally. As the moon affects the rising tides (and likewise everything else compiled by water, such as the human body,) it affects your mind, your mood and personality. Horoscopes reference astrological charts to determine aspects of our personalities based on the conditions and positions of celestial bodies at the time we were born.

Knowing character traits for your own Zodiac sign can help provide an idea of who can be most intimately compatible with you. It’s a timeless courting technique. And now it’s been introduced to Generation Y, i.e., our connected devices via the Moonit app, a dating service that models their results best-fit to individuals’ horoscopes.

Currently with a 4.5 of 5 stars rating in the Apple App Store and over a million users worldwide, Moonit is quickly approaching the top spot for “Flirting” and currently ranked fourth in “Meet New People” apps. That’s because unlike some other web dating resources, seeing your potential love matches has never been more informative and fun. Plus, the app lets users flirt with eachother.

“Moonit is a fun way to break the ice when you’re looking to flirt and meet new people,” explains CEO Dana Kanze. “With Valentine’s Day around the corner, there has never been a better time to try Moonit, now a 4.5 out of 5 star-rated flirting app.”

Here’s how it works: using your Facebook account, you can check your friends who interest you and invite them to establish a Moonit friendship. If they accept, you’ll then receive a compatibility score that depicts the likelihood of a shared romance. From there, let the ‘game’ begin.

The app provides its members with live flirting capabilities on its built-in instant messaging service. Play your cards right and it could lead to some real-life flirting, earning you a prized date with your prospect.

The app lets you collect Moonit relationship stickers, which are labels given to friends in your network. Examples of these include ‘PDA Police’ or ‘Hot-n-Heavy,’ in regards to a person’s intimacy style. (I’m sitting here wondering what my exes would label me as.)

Sounds like quite a valuable dating resource, doesn’t it?

Anyway, if online dating is a ‘thing’ of yours, it only makes sense to try this one out. You can’t argue with astrology and also Moonit is free to use — I forgot to mention that. You can’t argue with that either. Instead of wasting time on OKCupid or eHarmony, you should be looking at the stars for help.

Right now, Moonit is only available for iOS devices but Android and HTML5 versions are on their way. There no better time of year to try this type of thing. If I were you, I’d get on it fast. Don’t spend another Valentine’s Day alone.

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