Turn Picture Sharing into a Game With PicSlinger

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Are you a fan of Pictionary-style gaming apps like Draw Something but can’t draw to save your life?  Newly-released PicSlinger might be right up your alley.

Available only for iPhone, PicSlinger is a social gaming app that works similarly to charades and the aforementioned Pictionary, but instead of acting out or drawing the clues for a secret word players instead take photos to help guessers along.

An example of play is as follows: the photographer first chooses one of three words and takes a picture which best represents the word.  The photo is then sent to the guesser, along with blank spaces for the word.  Guessing correctly wins the player stars, which can be exchanged for photo filters, more words, and help with guessing solutions.

The app is free to download from the iTunes store, but an ad-free version is also available for just $0.99.


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