CADScan Wants to Bring Low-Cost, Easy 3D Scanning to Your Home

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UK-based CADScan has designed a cheap, easy-to-use desktop 3D scanner and has launched a Kickstarter to help fund their project.

Currently available means of 3D scanning require inordinately expensive and/or complicated machines demanding a certain expertise to use.  CADScan’s desktop 3D scanner aims to fix all that by making 3D scanning as simple as using a Xerox copier.  No calibration, post-processing, or training necessary.

The scanner will be made of ABS and steel and will be small enough to fit on your desk.  With it you’ll be able to capture full-color, high-resolution (up to 0.2mm) object data for anything that can fit in the anticipated 250mm x 250mm x 250mm scanning area.

Early backers can get a discounted £599 3D scanner (they’re going fast!) while everyone else will have to settle for a £650 reward.  Check it out here.

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  • CADScan

    Thanks for the great write up – we’re really excited about this project because it means bringing professional quality 3D scanning within the reach of people who would not otherwise have been able to afford it.
    If you want to be part of this at the ground floor, check out our Kickstarter project at