Target Stores Bring Apple iPad 3 Prices Down to Just $299

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With the newest 9.7-inch iPad and the first iPad mini around for a while, you might expect prices for previous generations of the tab to slip like crazy. And yet most retailers seem to not mind holding the price bar very high for the third-gen iPad. Not to mention the Apple Store, where even the iPad 2 goes for $399 and up.

But there is one way to get a slightly older, but still uber-cool Apple tablet on the cheap. Target stores have the black 16 GB iPad 3 with Wi-Fi at $299, which is 100 bucks less than the price from January. Which in turn was down from $499.

Pretty crazy when you think about it, but our advice is to not overthink it. The deal is not valid through Target’s website and it’s only a matter of time until all physical stores will get their iPad 3 stocks completely wiped out.

You should therefore go over to Target right now, check the in-store availability near you and go hunting. It might take a while, but ultimately it’s all going to be worth it.

Via [Target]

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