LG Makes Another High-End Smartphone Official: The 5.5-Inch Optimus G Pro

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LG has never looked like a worthy contender for Samsung and Apple’s leadership positions in the smartphone universe, but when it comes to diversity and quantity the Optimus makers are the undisputed champions.

And while we’d usually welcome choices in the Android décor, LG’s smartphone line-up is getting confusing and downright bizarre. Although the company’s top-tier device for the last part of 2012 – the Optimus G – has only been around for three months, there’s already a cooler new high-end kid on the block.

Make that two, because apparently the Optimus G Pro will come in two versions. Both named the same. Confused already? We know we are.

The first G Pro was unveiled in Japan late last month, with a 5-inch Full HD panel and a 3,000 mAh battery as highlights. As for the second flagship, that’s become official earlier today in Korea, with a 5.5-inch 1080p screen.

The display on the new guy is slightly curved to produce a “2.5D” effect. Sounds cool and all, but other than that we’re not expecting the new G Pro to be any different than the “old” one. That’s just a guess, because LG hasn’t revealed the spec sheet yet and is probably going to hold out until MWC. Which is also when we should hear something about pricing and availability. Anyone excited? How about annoyed?

Via [Android Authority]

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