Armour39 is the First Fitness Tracker to Help You Train

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Under Armour Logo

Under Armour, the leading sports performance apparel, footwear, and accessories brand, has launched I WILL, its biggest ever global marketing campaign, at a press event in New York City. Featuring Under Armour’s iconic I WILL trademark, the campaign brings to life the passion and determination that drives all athletes and Under Armour’s commitment to engineering innovative products that provide real performance advantages. One of the products previewed was the Armour39 system.

Under Armour Armour39“The Armour39 is a first-of-its-kind digital performance monitoring system designed to uncover the potential within all athletes that train to get better. The system provides a single score WILLpower measurement that reflects an individual’s overall effort during a workout session. The Armour39 system also tracks heart rate, calories burned, and intensity. Designed to seamlessly integrate into any workout, Armour39 allows athletes to uncover precise information about their training and athletic potential.”

There are a number of fitness trackers available on the market. The Armour39 is unique in that it uses a chest strap equipped with sensors that sends all the data to the app on your smartphone. There is an optional watch that can be purchased as well. The Armour39 will be available for $149 in March 2013. Visit for more information.



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