Kickstart the Gekko Universal Tablet/Smartphone Stand

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Finding a stand to use with your smartphone or tablet tends to be an exercise in planned obsolescence.  Purchasing any stand comes with the implicit caveat that the thing will be extraneous once you upgrade or switch to a different sized device.

If you’re truly gadget-obsessed, you may find yourself owning several different stands throughout your life, all cluttering up space but being too particular to throw away without feeling wasteful.  If you’ve always wanted a stand for your device but didn’t buy one because you knew you’d eventually have to get rid of it, the recently launched Kickstarter for the Gekko stand may be just the ticket.

The Gekko stand solves several problems at once.  For one thing, it is compatible with any tablet or smartphone.  Powerful NanoSuction technology connects whatever device you’ve got to any flat surface, be it a desk, kitchen counter, or car dashboard.  Also, its completely adjustable, having a modular, ball-and-socket design so you can set it to a number of lengths (up to 12″) and directions.

With these two simple problems solved, what you get is a stand that can ostensibly turn any tablet or phone into an adjustable monitor; theoretically, you’ll never have to buy a new stand again.  Very cool.

You can get a Gekko for just $35 ($25 for early backers) as a reward on Kickstarter.  As of writing, they’ve already reached their goal of $20,000, and the campaign will be going on until March 15.

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