AT&T Offers Limited-Time Special Deals for New and Refurbished iPhones and iPads

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Love is in the air today, in every form, shape and size. And if you still need a tip for a Valentine’s Day gift or you just want to reaffirm your love for Apple’s iDevices, AT&T has you covered.

The number one wireless provider in the States has a wide selection of new and refurbished iPhones and iPads up for grabs via its official website, most of which are currently discounted. While we know the promos are time-limited, we’re yet to hear about an expiration date, so you should probably hurry up and buy whatever your heart is set on ASAP.

The greatest thing about AT&T’s special offer is you can get an iPhone 4 for no charge, just by signing up a new contract. We’re talking about a refurbished 8 GB model, but if you’d rather be safe than sorry you can always get the $0.99 new iPhone 4.

If you’re willing to cough up an extra 99 bucks, you can get a 16 GB iPhone 4S, while refurbished iPhone 5 models start at $150. The 4G iPad mini can be had for as less as $360 with a two-year contract or $460 outright, while the third-gen LTE-enabled larger iPad is $530 in a refurb month to month flavor. Finally, the Retina Display iPad with LTE starts at $530 on and $630 off contract.

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    This deal was actually only available in Target stores – not The iPad 3rd Generation is only sold in stores.