Is HP Working on a Tegra 4-Based High-End Android Tablet?

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The tech world is full of twists and turns, that’s a hard fact, but every time we say nothing can take us by surprise… a new bomb is dropped upon us. The latest bomb comes from HP, the once upon a time highly successful PC maker that’s slipping and slipping and slipping in popularity.

According to several trusted sources, Hewlett-Packard is preparing to get into the tablet game. Okay, that is a surprise, but it’s not exactly a shocker, right? After all, HP has some experience with tabs.

You probably remember the webOS-based TouchPad, which failed to become a mainstream hit, but not because it lacked strength or it was ugly. But because it was pricey and ran on clunky software.

So where’s the shocker? Here it is – the next HP tablet is said to be Android-based. And to be powered by NVIDIA’s latest high-performance SoC, Tegra 4, unveiled to the world during last month’s CES. Mind = blown, right?

Of course, there’s no way to be sure of the rumor’s credibility, but it’s definitely something to get us through some cold nights. You can’t deny HP is still a big name in the computing industry, and, with Tegra 4 and Android on its side, the sky is the limit. Just please, HP, pretty please, don’t mess up the price again!

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