Did Samsung Just Unintentionally Reveal 8-Inch Note Tablet?

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Photo: Samsung’s Flickr

On Wednesday, Samsung announced an all-red Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet to first only South Korean markets, then presumably the rest of the world. The 4G LTE-equipped tablet was published with a few promo shots that can be found on Samsung’s Flickr account.

Well, it turns out that within some of the images, lies a clue — a potential (unintentional?) announcement of a 8-inch Galaxy tablet. If you take a look behind the chef who is standing in the background, you’ll see an all-white, landscape-mode tablet with an S-Pen stylus. The dimensions seem to be beyond the 10.1-incher, which is featured in the woman’s hand.

Also, doesn’t it strike an awfully-close resemblance to those alleged Galaxy Note 8 pics that leaked last month? What do you think?

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