Samsung Galaxy S IV mini to Hit Shelves in May

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A new rumor from Samsung blog SamMobile talks of a Galaxy S IV mini to be in the works. With the project code named ‘Serrano,’ the mini flagship phone is expected to be made available in May.

Unsure as to whether or not Samsung will reveal the mini at MWC, fans are however excited for an unveiling of the company’s new generation Galaxy S IV, prior to it’s mid-March release.

The project leaked within the same announcement of two other products, as the ‘Project J’ line — later changed to ‘Altius.’ These devices include the Galaxy S IV, the aforementioned S IV mini and a third, code named ‘Fortius.’ The last one has the most uncertainty around it but we do know that accessories for the device such as an arm band, bike mount and a pouch, are currently being figured out.

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