Vimeo Gets Its Own Video-Looping App, Echograph

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Echograph is more than your average animated .gif-maker. Basically it allows you to film a brief clip, choose a still to be it’s featured image, then with your finger, select an area of the image to animate. Basically, it lets you ‘paint video’ onto a photo. The results are enthralling and creating your own is a lot of fun. It’s surprising that the small company wasn’t scooped up earlier.

Celebrated video-sharing website, Vimeo, announced their acquisition of the Echograph on Thursday, expressing it’s first move to drop its current $2.99 fee for iPhone and iPad. With Twitter’s latest Vine purchase, Echograph will most likely ante-up the playing field with it’s interactive, user-friendly video creation features.

“We chose Echograph because it helps people easily create beautiful high quality video content,” said Kerry Trainor, Vimeo CEO in an official statement. “That, with Nick’s proven track record of building innovative video apps made it a perfect fit for Vimeo.”

Nick Alt, Echograph creator and current CEO of Clear-Media’s will see a career change as Vimeo’s VP of Mobile and lead development across all platforms. “Vimeo to me is the most innovative video platform that empowers its users to share quality content. I’m very excited for our teams to come together to take Echograph to the next level and develop a new fleet of amazing mobile video apps,” Alt stated.

Further terms of the business acquisition were not revealed.

For those unfamiliar with Echograph, prepare to have your mind blown:

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