Rumor: It Appears That Samsung Has a Smartwatch in the Works (Though It’s Probably Not True)

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All aboard the smartwatch train. Thursday marks a new rumor, courtesy of our beloved number-one Samsung rumor mill, SamMobile, leading us to believe that Samsung is in fact developing their own smartwatch.

Remember we mentioned that mysterious ‘Project J’ product line the Koreans have been working on? Well, turns out that although we believed they were referring to their upcoming Galaxy S IV smartphone as ‘Altius,’ the codename may actually be for what will result in a web-connected wrist watch.

As you see in the photos below, the words “Galaxy Altius” are shown on the launch screen. Out of character for the company to do so, SamMobile doens’t seem to be buying it. Also, it says “code Altios” in images three and four are two tell-tale signs that these images are most likely fakes.

Readers, what do you think — real or fake? Is it even ‘time’ for Samsung to develop a smartwatch?

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