Push Notifications: Useful or Annoying?

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Mobile Marketer had a good article today about push notifications, asking if they have abused their welcome.

I thought it was an excellent question. I’ve gotten to the point where I almost dread installing a new app on my iPhone and getting the “App wants to send push notifications” screen. Some apps I understand. I rely on notifications from Twitter when someone mentions my user name. It’s part of how I stay engaged throughout the day. Notifications from Gmail makes sense, although I don’t have them turned on. Clearing that red badge many times per day just gets annoying.

However, Dropbox? Really? Why do I need Dropbox to send me notifications? When I downloaded the Dropbox update today, I noticed that it now wants to notify me when someone shares a folder with me. I already receive an email for that. I don’t need a push notification too. Guess who’s getting removed from Notifications?

It funny. I don’t mind notifications as much on my Nexus 7. I prefer the way Jelly Bean handles them and allows me to clear them all with one tap. It’s iOS where I’m annoyed because I have to open each app to clear the red badge. I know I can turn off the badges, but sometimes I like them there as a reminder. I just don’t need or want many of them each day.

Well, the best thing for me about the Mobile Marketer article is that it motivated me to go adjust many of my Notification settings.

How about you? Are you getting too many notifications? Just about right? Or would you like even more of them?

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