HTC One Coming to AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile on March 22?

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The HTC One (aka M7) rumor mill has been at full throttle for a few weeks now, but with the official unveiling scheduled for next week, it’s probably time to wrap it all up. But not before seeing one of the most important pieces of the puzzle fall into place – US pricing and availability.

According to a “trusted source” close to the HTC Source website, the 4.7-inch Full HD smartphone is heading to the States on March 22. That’s two weeks after the supposed “international” launch date of the device, which sounds about right.

Three out of the four US major carriers (AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile) are said to be picking up the phone, with pricing set to start at $199.99 all-around. The best news? That’s apparently the price tag of the 32 GB version of the phone, with a 64 GB model ready to retail for $299.99.

There’ll be no 16 GB variant, while Verizon is rumored to have slightly different plans. Big Red could market the One as a Droid DNA Plus, but we have no idea if that particular model will be any different than the others.

Via [HTC Source]

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