Skype Will Soon Officially Join Forces with Windows Live Messenger

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The originator of internet video chatting, Skype, just published a blog post on Friday discussing their soon-merge with Windows Live Messenger, the popular web-based instant messaging client.

Skype will open it’s service up to Messenger users starting April 8th in English speaking countries, then work its way through to Brazil on April 30th or later. The only exception worldwide will be mainland China, who will not see the two companies merge.

Windows Live Messenger users will have the option to upgrade their service, gaining Skype benefits for free. The upgrade will roll out for all platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Windows Phone, Android and soon Blackberry.

Straight from the blog post, here’s some new advantages that’ll soon be available to Messenger users via Skype:
•    Instant message conversation history
•    The ability to edit and remove instant messages
•    Being able to share files and contact information
•    Video calling and instant messaging with Facebook friends
•    Group video calling

The arrow points out ‘Messenger.’ Photo: Skype

The company is requesting that users submit feedback about the changes through the Skype Support site.

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  • Allan Roger

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