eBookPlus Wants to Connect Readers to Authors, End Piracy

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eBook sales have been skyrocketing since 2011, and the publishing market has been revolutionized as a result. But as the volume of available eBooks grows, so does the consumer piracy of eBook versions. has been launched to help improve the system of reading eBook releases., a platform that connects readers, authors, publishers and advertisers, corrects this problem by allowing readers to read eBooks for free, legally while providing advertising opportunities for businesses. Publishers and authors can have thousands of people reading their books for free, yet still get paid. provides a marketing tool for indie authors and publishers who have not yet developed eBook sales. realizes that free eBooks are 100 times more accessed than eBooks costing 99 cents. So instead of paying an author 30 cents for a 10-chapter eBook, would pay 3 cents for each chapter read. The author gets paid the same 30 cents. offers companies the opportunity to create publicity to put at the beginning of each chapter.

It can be a video, image, or HTML page. The advertising is unobtrusive and is presented to the reader for a few seconds, after which they can read the eBook normally without interruption for the rest of the chapter. Payment debited from the advertiser and credited to the author/publisher happens when the ads are seen and not from clicks.

To learn about everything has to offer visit this website:, available in English, Portuguese and Spanish.



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