Help NASA Make an iPad app for Astronauts

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Attention iOS app coders: competitive coding community and open innovation platform Topcoder, Inc has just launched the first two parts in a series of challenges aimed to develop an iPad app which monitors and regulates the diets of astronauts.

The International Space Station Food Intake Tracker (or ISS FIT) is planned to be used by astronauts working in the ISS to help overcome the pitfalls of bone density loss and nutrient deficiency that come with extended periods in orbit.  The challenge will be to design, develop, and create an easily update-able meal log to help NASA better understand the role of nutrition in space, as well as mitigate its negative effects on the body.

The exact prizes for this challenge haven’t been announced yet, but it’s coming on the heels of the previous Longeron challenge which awarded a collective total of $30,000 to participants, so we can probably expect a similar reward distribution model. Each piece of the challenge earned participants points, and those who had the most points at the end were awarded top prizes (for the Longeron challenge, first place took $10,000).

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