Satechi Multifunction Mini Router Fits in Your Pocket

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If you’re looking for essential on-the-go gadgets, then you’ll take a liking to the Satechi Mini Router. Measuring just under 3 inches by 3 inches by 1 inch, this multifunction router packs in features while being easy on the wallet.

The router sports a travel-sized design which makes it easy to throw in your laptop bag or briefcase as you’re heading out the door. It’s compatible with IEEE 802.11n/g/b devices and standards, and you can enjoy up to 300Mbps high-speed wireless with WLAN 802.11n. You can set up easy WPS security encryption with a push of a button.Satechi Wireless Mini Router Hotel

Plug it into a wall socket and connect it to an ISP to use as a standard router. You can wire in a PC or laptop with the available port, or simply use it wirelessly as an access point.

As a repeater, the Satechi router can connect to a wireless network and extend the range to areas previously unreachable. In client mode with an Ethernet cable, the router can be used as a wireless adapter for a Smart TV or video game console.

Lastly, the Satechi router can act like a bridge and connect two or more wireless access points to communicate with each other to join multiple LANs. Or it can connect to an existing wireless network and rebroadcast it under a new name.

The Satechi multifunction mini router is available for $39.99 at and

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