128 GB Surface Pros Can Again Be Ordered In The US, Will Ship in 2-3 Weeks

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The news that Microsoft went through initial stocks of the 128 GB Surface Pro tablet in only a few hours made quite a splash, but not all hope is lost for fans of the 10.6-incher. In fact, you can already go on to Best Buy and Microsoft’s online store and get your orders in, with the current estimated shipping time being of two to three weeks.

That’s a pretty long time to wait for a $999 Windows 8 tab, but what can you do? Well, you could go for the 64 GB version of the Surface Pro. The thing is, you’re not really guaranteed to get that very quickly either.

After all, the cheaper Surface Pro went out of stock too a couple of days ago. Microsoft does ensure us that the second wave of inventory is already on its way to tech geeks across the States and that it will last longer than the first, but we’re not so sure.

You can order the 64 GB Surface Pro through Staples as well, while the 128 GB model will be back in stock “soon”. The same goes for Future Shop and Best Buy stores in Canada, but the difference is folks up north might have to wait for the 128 GB tab even more than a couple of weeks.

Via [Phone Arena]

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